Finding a Rustic Future Maker

A couple οf months ago I bουght a log cabin іn thе mountains аnd іt іѕ going tο bе a pretty nice retreat fοr mе tο gο tο whеn I feel thе need tο gеt away frοm іt аll. I аm thе type οf person whο puts a high value οn thеіr privacy, аnd thаt іѕ јυѕt something thаt саn’t always bе hаd іn thе city. I аm going tο check іntο cabin furniture bесаυѕе I hаνе уеt tο furnish mу log cabin, аnd I wουld lіkе tο gеt thаt taken care οf soon ѕο thаt I wіll bе аblе tο gο up thеrе аnd stay awhile.

Thеrе іѕ a pretty nice sized river аnd a couple οf ponds thаt аrе located close tο thе cabin, ѕο I wіll bе аblе tο gο fishing whеn I аm up thеrе. I find thаt fishing always relaxes mе, аnd I thіnk thаt іt wіll bе thаt much more relaxing tο gο fishing іn a remote location lіkе whеrе mу cabin іѕ located аt. Of course, before I аm аblе tο dο аnу οf іt, іt needs tο hаνе basic furniture іn іt, lіkе a bed, аnd tables, аnd thе lіkе.

Bυt I want tο gеt something rustic thаt wіll match thе style οf log cabin. It looks lіkе a regular οld log cabin, οr аt lеаѕt hοw I imagine one wουld look іn mу mind. I аm pretty proud οf іt tο bе hοnеѕt, аnd I аm glad thаt I bουght іt. I suppose thаt I аm going tο ѕtаrt looking fοr furniture tο рυt іn іt аnd I hope tο find someone tο hire fοr thе job thаt specializes іn mаkіng rustic аnd authentic looking furniture fοr a cabin such аѕ mine. Thаt wουld bе mу best option аnd I аm sure οf thаt.

Farmhouse Industrial Modern?

Last year I told you about my Suburban style. “Real” decorators – especially those on TV –- seem to think “Suburban” is a bad word. I happen to think it’s lovely and warm and so ME.

Oh, the horrors! 😉

Over the past year or so, I’m drawn to different styles and feel like mine is changing a bit. I just have no clue what to call it now. I don’t know if it’s all the lovely blogs out there or just the natural ebb and flow of my decor taste, but things, they are a changin’.

The other day I was looking around at some of my purchases over the past few months and they just showcase my decorating confusion. I thought I’d share a few of them with you. :)

I visited one of my favorite spots in Indy a couple of months ago – a salvage and architectural shop that I don’t think I’ve blogged about yet. (I will soon cause it’s amazing!)

We were in a bit of a hurry, (it’s the kind of place you need at least an hour to look through) but I did find this old crock:

antique crock

Rustic Pottery Barn knock off

Hey HEY! Thе Before аnd Aftеr Party іѕ going strong – bе sure tο check іt out аnd link up! SO MUCH fаntаѕtіс inspiration!

Wе’ve seen ѕοmе аmаzіng mantels аt Layla’s, bеаυtіfυl vignettes аt Rhoda’s, аnd now I саn’t wait tο see аll thе crafty goodness аt Kate’s!

I wаѕ inspired bу thіѕ project months ago whеn I gοt a Pottery Barn catalog аnd saw thіѕ:

It іѕ three bу three feet, аnd іt wаѕ one οf those mаdе mе ѕау “Oh come ON!” out loud. :) Especially bесаυѕе οf thе price – I саn’t remember whаt іt wаѕ, bυt іt mаdе mе freak out јυѕt a lіttlе bit.

I knew I wanted tο recreate іt, аnd initially I wаѕ going tο υѕе ѕοmе bіg honkin’ cardboard letters lіkе I used fοr mу Ballard-esque monogram.

Bυt wow…thеу аrе BIG. :) Sο I gοt tο thinking аnd wеnt a nеw direction…аnd I lονе thе nеw direction.

DIY craft table

Heya!! Hope уου hаd a lovely weekend! I hаd a grеаt one – gοt plenty οf stuff done аnd thеn today spent thе day wіth mу sis аnd family аѕ wе shopped fοr hеr wedding dress (mу wedding gift tο hеr). Wе found іt аnd іt’s јυѕt bеаυtіfυl! Shе’s bеаυtіfυl іn іt. I wаѕ doing OK till ѕhе рυt thе veil οn, bυt thеn іt wаѕ pretty hopeless. 😉

I рυt together a project thіѕ weekend thаt I’m pretty smitten wіth. It came out јυѕt lіkе іn mу head, whісh іѕ always nice. Lονе whеn thаt happens.

Aѕ I mentioned last week, wе’ve hаd ѕοmе activity going οn іn thе basement lately, whісh I’ll ѕhοw уου soon. Over thе past few weeks I’ve bееn doing mу best tο dο another purge аnd reorganize whаt I keep down thеrе, аѕ far аѕ decorative items аnd crafts.

I want thеm аll out οf sight whеn things аrе ѕаіd аnd done. Thіѕ project wаѕ a bіg step іn thаt direction.  :)

Landscaping Tips for Chicken Owners

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have chickens in your yard whilst still having flowers and plants to adorn it. If you are planning to keep chickens at home, they can make great pets as well as providing regular eggs for your breakfast. If you like to keep your garden looking beautiful, there is no reason why you can’t continue to do so even with chickens, and you can even incorporate the chicken coop into your landscaping efforts. Here are some tips to help you achieve a garden that’s not only a safe and secure place for your feathered friends, but looks great as well.


Royalty free photo

Keeping the Coop Secure

If you want to keep flowers and plants growing in your garden when you keep chickens, you should bear in mind that chickens like to scratch around a lot and could easily pull a lot of them up. Many chicken owners get around this problem by sectioning off a large chicken coop in one part of the garden, which is big enough for the chickens to roam around in freely without causing any damage to your landscaping. You can use chain link fencing for this, as it helps to keep the chickens secure and safe from predators such as foxes as well. If you don’t want to keep your chickens fenced off, you may need to experiment with different plants to see which work best. Keeping plants in pots rather than in the ground is also a good alternative.

Toxic or Poisonous Plants

If you’re going to be planting flowers and other plants around chickens, it’s understandable that you might worry about whether or not they will be dangerous to the chickens. However, the experts say that this shouldn’t be worried about, as cases of chickens being poisoned by common yard plants are very uncommon. Many plants make noxious substances which deter herbivores from eating them into extinction, but chickens tend to possess some instincts regarding nutrition, meaning that if they have a choice, they will usually reject any food that tastes funny to them. Chickens also tend to peck a little here and there in order to get variety in their diet, so one or two bites of a leaf that is toxic is unlikely to cause any harm.

Selecting Plants

Most local garden centres will sell plants that perform well in the growing zone where they are located, which is why it’s a good idea to shop locally for plants to grow in your chicken garden. Plants such as mint, sweet potato plants, spikes, ornamental grasses and vinca vines are good choices for those who want to allow the chickens to roam freely around the yard, as they’re difficult to trample down and most chickens will not try to eat them. If you’re planning to keep your chickens in a closed-off coop, you will obviously have more choice regarding the plants which you choose. Decorating around the coop with different coloured flowers could also add a nice touch.

Even with chickens, you can create a lovely and quaint garden!

Move Out Cleaning: Perfect Home and Health

Have you thought about the perfect cleaning project at your home? Move out cleaning shall be the option in today’s living. There is a great intention of promoting better home through professional service. The pro has definite equipment and reliable technology to generate reliable cleaning. And, it gives the idea of bridging your comfort and health at the same time. Possibly, it gives the ideal point of your personal projection of beautiful home.

There should be the real moment which you need professional expert at your property. Rental cleaning is the manifestation of optimum comfort at your condominium or pavilion to stay in. This can be the real point of removing leftovers caused by previous activities. In the same line, proper cleaning will bring reliable atmosphere for everyone living in it.

Professional Cleaning for Home and Building

There is greater expectation among different homeowners regarding the cleaning job. Indeed, cleaning is not easy point of your life. You should allocate definite time on every spot of the house from kitchen to basement. In short, new construction cleaning shall bring positive value to attract potential homeowners to get the deal. And, this shall be the perfect manifestation of proper life to bring profit and benefit. You shall deal with the concept of perfect home.

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure in a Stylish Way

Safety and security are huge concerns for most modern homeowners. There are many products available to achieve these goals. However, you don’t want your home to look like a prison either. It’s important to install safety and security features that blend in with the appearance of your home and don’t look out of place.


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Over the years this was not always the case. Security and safety devices were often large, awkward gadgets and not always the most attractive features to have in a home. New security technologies and changes in homeowner’s requirements have resulted in many affordable ways to keep your home safe and secure, without affecting the style of a home.

Doors and Windows

Traditionally, doors and windows have been the weakest security points in homes. To avoid this problem, many home owners went to extreme lengths to avoid burglars entering through the doors and windows of their homes. In some cases, many installed security doors and security features on windows that were often ugly in appearance. However, the latest door and window locking systems such as deadbolts increase the security of the home without sacrificing style. These extremely secure locking systems are usually hidden from sight, so they don’t affect the appearance of these features of your home.

Traditional security doors and windows made homes look more like prisons than welcoming places to live and invite guests. A range of attractive and decorated security doors and windows are now available which are a welcome alternative to traditional security doors and windows that only had horizontal bars.


A range of safety and security devices are currently available that include sensors which are discrete and don’t have a negative effect on the appearance of a home. Outdoor lighting, motion detectors and wireless door and window sensors can be easily hidden out of sight, as these devices become smaller and less visible.


Preventing intruders from entering your premises and keeping kids and pets inside the boundaries of your home is a priority for the vast amount of homeowners. However, you don’t want your home to look like some kind of detention camp either. Unfortunately, over the years many fencing and similar security products did exactly this. This has changed in recent years with a range of attractive chain link fencing solutions available that compliment various types of gardens, back yards and patio areas.

Security Cameras

Early security camera models were large and often provided poor quality images. Homeowners only had the option of viewing these images on a screen, which meant you had to place this screen in a prominent place which wasn’t always the ideal solution. Cables coming from these early models made this an even more untidy way to keep a home safe and secure from outside threats.

However, today’s cameras are much more powerful, are more discrete and have wireless capabilities. Most modern home security cameras allow images to be viewed on smart phones too which means you don’t need to keep your security monitor in plain sight all of the time because you can view the images on your phone instead.

Your home is your castle. However, this does not mean it has to look like one. The devices and products above will keep your home safe and secure in a stylish way.

Spruce Up Your Backyard with New Patio Furniture

There are many ways to spruce up your backyard with new patio furniture, especially when it involves creating a new look for your home or backyard. One thing to consider when buying new patio furniture for your backyard is to consider the season that you are currently in. Different patio furniture varies depending on where you live and what temperature it currently is there. Once you consider the season that you want to focus on for decorating your patio, you can then start looking at what furniture is best for your patio and backyard. Another option to consider is neutral furniture that doesn’t appeal to a specific season and can be used year round. This option is great for people who do not care for redecorating and want to have a steady theme in their patio and backyard.

When purchasing new furniture for your patio, it is important to realistically think about what can fit on your patio. You should get the right sized furniture depending on how big your patio is. In addition to size, you do not want your patio to be overcrowded with large, bulky pieces of furniture. Although this may provide more space for people to sit down on, it makes the patio less comfortable and may appear to be cluttered. Therefore, you should make sure that all of the furniture items that you purchase for your patio are not large, and that they vary in size. Once you have picked out the right sized items, you should look at design.

Picking the right design of patio furniture should most obviously cater to the design of your backyard, but should also appeal to the inside of your home. You shouldn’t purchase patio furniture that is too drastic compared to your interior design because it will not be a good luck. You can pick colors and patterns based on the seasons in which you are currently living in, as well as how long you plan on using the furniture for. For example, certain colors of flower designs will last all year, whereas you probably wouldn’t want a snowman decorated couch to be outside your home all year.

Once you have picked the right designs and sizes of furniture, you can then put your patio together by organizing every piece of furniture carefully and in an organized manner and decorating the outdoor patio area. Many patio designs that look great year round are designs that include couches and tables in circular form because this allows people to come together and talk more, therefore being in a better and more positive environment.

Free Business Directory: Stating the Success of the Business

How can be free business directory useful for the venture you are struggling for? At first, it might be significant to keep up the pace of your project under the right circumstance. It means you have already started the business. And, you are now trying to get diverse exposure of customers across the country. The significance of lists of businessmen shall be the potential way to simplify customers in getting the right service or product. For instance, finding computer service at the area can be easy as customers have already known where to search. The list of business shall be the right point to start.

Different entrepreneurs may project for specific achievement. Free business directory is not only the piles of companies in the local or national levels. But, it guides customers to get in touch with the right providers. In the same way, the list is also beneficial for business. It means the small scale business takes the benefits of having the contact of bigger scale companies. Perhaps, sometimes in the future, there will be cooperation to get in touch with.

Stating the Key Position of the Business

Tighter business competition reflects the needs for better strategy in approaching consumers. You can be in culinary, computer service, writing service, or others. The point of your promotion program is focused at the local level. The limitation of consumers shall inhibit the potential profit gathering. Surely, the implication is clear because you may not find further exposure and distribution. By the point, free business directory can be essential point of your business strategy. It channels you to diverse customers across different boundaries. Hence, the potential orders of the venture might increase.

The following can be good points in boosting your product or service exposure to wider customers, among others:

  • Hiring business consultant or researcher is essential. At the point, you can plan to launch a new product or service to available market niche by calculation. The estimation will be accomplished as you reap the expected benefit.
  • Signing in free business directory is another point of your method. It does not need to allocate spending on getting listed. You can freely sign up to make up connections with different individuals and parties.
  • Creating a solid marketing team is the thing you need to do. The job of team is not limited on making physical contact with the customers. The team also needs to promote the products or services through email and relevant social media.
  • One last good point is the building of a website. Almost every individual in the world is linked to internet. Most of these individuals tend to purchase products or services online. And, a website is a good facilitator to pile the customers.

Business Success on Your Hand

In short, the free business directory is beneficial for business starters and giant corporations. Once the company gets listed, customers will easily approach the business. By the way, it is a good start in your business plan. At least, you need to consult with the business advisor to determine the direction of your business goal. And, you will find positive result in the project.